"The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow." - Nelson Mandela

What is College to Career Transition Coaching?

In today’s world massive shifts are taking place across all industries and the organizations are constantly innovating and evolving to lead change. The College to Career Transition coaching is focused towards partnering with institutions to help collegians develop knowledge, skill and mindset so that they understand the future of work and equip themselves to the changing landscape by being future-ready.

As a collegian have you experienced some of the challenges listed below:

  • What are the current trends and demands in the job market for college graduates?
  • How can I stand out and make a good impression during campus interviews?
  • How will I navigate myself in the new organization and what are the expectations from me in a new workplace?
  • How can I effectively communicate my skills and experiences during interviews?
  • What if am unable to get through my dream organization?

Who is College to Career coaching for?

The focus of College to Career coaching is on final semester students studying in colleges and universities who are looking forward to start their career as an employee in an organization or as an entrepreneur in the market. By partnering with colleges, universities and educational institutions training and coaching can be offered to the young graduates to help them develop knowledge and capabilities which will help them join their dream organization, learn to thrive in a new organizational ecosystem or establish themselves as an entrepreneur in the market space.

Where does College to Career coaching apply?

College to Career coaching may apply to multiple situations based on the student’s need and readiness. Some of the situations where College to Career coaching can be applied are listed below:

What are some of the benefits of College to Career coaching?

Listed below are few of the positive coaching outcomes of College to Career coaching:

  1. Gain clarity on career goals and aspirations resulting in making informed decisions
  2. Develop career strategies including resume/cover letter writing and enhanced ability to crack interviews
  3. Developing emotional resilience to successfully manage fear, stress and anxiety
  4. Strong communication and collaboration skills
  5. Develop market awareness and understanding of organizational ecosystem.
And much more…

How can we partner?

The coaching partnership is a win-win approach in which you and me can partner by developing a detailed understanding of your institutional context, design a tailored project plan based on the institutional objectives and implementing coaching methodologies to yield tangible outcomes.

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