Here’s my Professional ‘Mantra’

I am a coach whose core belief is that if you truly believe in a better you and a better tomorrow, then together we can make it happen! I partner with organizational leaders, mompreneurs and collegians such as yourself who are eager to grow across all facets of life – personal, professional, emotional and spiritual – to attain their pinnacle of success.

The world that we live in today, is in a constant state of flux where we are experiencing major shifts in all spheres of our life. Be it our immediate environment, the society as a whole or the technological transformations that never cease to amaze us, everything is evolving at an alarming frequency. The big question you may be grappling with is, “How do I navigate through these constant changes and lead change with courage?”

The primary and paramount step is to ‘believe in your power’ and engage in the cyclic process of ‘learning, unlearning and re-learning’ to be able to rise and thrive. As an individual you have always been and will always be expected to produce results. Isn’t it? I am that partner who can work with you to unlock your true potential and help you experience the power of results, outcomes and fulfillment that you have always desired.

Being a soul searcher, a mother, a leader, an entrepreneur and a coach defines who I am today. My ‘7 Cs’ as I call them are my belief system through which I engage with my clients.  Two major career shifts in my life helped me grow into the present-day me. From a successful corporate career, I transitioned to the not-for-profit space as I realized serving others gave me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Through my self-discovery journey I realized that my one-trick genius was developing connections effortlessly and help individuals become the best version of themselves. I made a choice to devote 100% of my energy to help individuals unlock their true potential and grow their success quotient, fulfillment quotient and life quotient.

I have dedicated more than two decades to the fields of banking, financial services, human resource consulting and not-for profit space where have led large-scale multi-client service delivery across the globe and contributed to the tech for social good projects to improve student learning outcomes in aspirational districts. These life-experiences have equipped me to understand the challenges first-hand and I know what it takes to ‘make things happen’ and ‘happen swiftly’.

Few interesting facts about my professional journey are:

Power of Social Capital

Power of Social Capital

Early in my career I realized the power of ‘social capital’ and since the inception of my career, I enjoyed developing relationships with my clients, my bosses, my colleagues and my team members. The great news is that after passage of more than two decades the bonds formed with individuals across all the organizations that have worked with till date, have stood the test of time, and have blossomed into timeless associations.
Power of Purpose

Power of Purpose

It's quite unexpected and remarkable that, as an expert in operations management, I successfully guided and led the technology team within the realm of non-profit space. Conceptualized, designed and deployed the first app solution owned by the foundation to on-board 25000+ volunteers and 1000+ NGOs on the tech platform impacting 0.6 M beneficiaries across 112 aspirational districts. My non-tech background never posed a barrier, as my strong alignment with the purpose and the heartfelt connections I developed with my team and development partners enabled us to successfully achieve our desired outcomes.
Power of Balance

Power of Balance

As a woman leader I have made courageous choices to embark on new career paths and embrace entirely different roles, all while being a committed mother. The ability to listen to my ‘inner voice’ and the courage to take action has made me who I am today. The journey from being an employee to an entrepreneur has been full of learning, excitement and powerful experiences.
Power of Care

Power of Care

Creating an equitable and inclusive work environment has always mattered to me the most. I led a first of its kind Diversity and Inclusion project in one of the leading organizations resulting in successfully on-boarding speaking and hearing-impaired colleagues as part of my large and diverse team. My trainers and managers including me learned sign-language for effective communication with our new team members. It was wonderful to experience team members breaking myths and stereotypes as the new colleagues became part of the business unit.

What sets me apart is ‘being able to make every professional and personal relationship work’.

And I do that by being emotionally resilient and keeping ‘emotions in the room’ instead of keeping ‘emotions outside the room.’

My mission is to touch 1 million lives in the next 10 years by helping individuals unlock their true potential and live a life in alignment with their aspirations and purpose.

Consciousness – Through consciousness we can shed every limiting belief, question our assumptions and challenge our views. Consciousness is every expanding and the expansion of consciousness incessantly is the journey to realizing our true potential.

Care – The ‘Ubuntu’ philosophy beautifully brings out the essence of care for me. ‘I am because you are.’ For me care leads to connectedness and thus is the foundation stone for developing timeless relationships.

Candour – Thomas Jefferson stated, “If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you never did.” And if you have someone who can partner with you to deepen your insights, encourage self-reflection, build self-awareness and foster accountability through candour, the journey becomes enjoyable. For me empathic candour establishes trust, authenticity and openness.

Channel – Each individual can generate their own perfect solutions and the power and resources to do so lies within them. As a coach I believe I am just a pure channel to help you broaden your horizon and explore the possibilities.

Creativity – ‘Rachana’ in Hindi language means ‘creativity’ or ‘to create’. Nature’s creative genius is an everyday testimony that the most profound inspiration can be found in the simplest and smallest of things. Creativity can help us start small and spread our wings to shape new possibilities.

Curiosity – Curiosity is the compass that leads to exploration. I believe every individual has a story and by being a conscious listener and asking powerful questions magical discoveries can be made.

Continuum – Lifelong learning, un-learning and re-learning leads to self-growth. We are continuously evolving and thus growth happens on a continuum and cannot be divided in discrete stages. If we sign-up to be lifelong learners’ self-growth is guaranteed.

Now here’s my life’s truth

1. An odyssey from pain to purpose

A few years back I ended up developing back pain and a chronic pain disorder due to the high stress and stagnant lifestyle that I was leading as a working mother. Post visits to multiple doctors, I got diagnosed with ‘fibromyalgia’ which included pain and tenderness throughout the body along with other symptoms like fatigue and headache. After trying multiple therapies and failing to get positive results, I got introduced to the practice, philosophy and discipline of ‘Yoga’. Not only was I able to reverse 90-95% of the disease and reduce back pain drastically but I also found a new way of living. Today ‘Yoga’ is my anchor and a source of strength.

2. The Quest of a working Mother's Heart

One of the most difficult decisions of my life was to join back work post my daughter’s birth. I was not willing to leave my three-month old daughter in a day-care while at home we had nobody to take care of her. My mother-in-law one of the key pillars of strength in my life, just suggested that I should join back work without second thoughts and entrust my daughter in my in-law’s care. It was a tough decision as new parents to leave our daughter in a different city and go back to work. The guilt factor had already seeped in but I knew my daughter couldn’t be in better hands and thus we unanimously agreed that this was the best way forward. My daughter recognized my in-laws as her parents and at that tender age definitely was unable to recognize me as her mother. Well, did it tear my heart? Yes, definitely and I decided to quit my job.


Guess what? I spoke to my father (my go-to-person in trouble about the situation and my decision to leave work to which he responded, ‘Well, there is no way you should leave work, we will come and stay with you. You can work and we as grandparents will have a great time with our grandchild.’ Oh my God! As part of our cultural upbringing, I had never heard parents staying at their daughter’s place full-time but my in-laws welcomed the decision whole heartedly. As my parents shifted with us, my journey to re-build my relationship with my daughter started from scratch and that is a journey I can keep talking about forever. The success of who I am today or whatever I have accomplished is an outcome of many beautiful and selfless decisions taken by my near and dear ones and that is what am truly grateful for.

3. Spellbound by the Wonders of Nature

Mother Nature, it enchants me, heals me, captivates me, inspires me, astounds me and fills me with an insatiable sense of wonder and amazement. I truly am a nature’s person and I love being with her. I draw my energy and inspiration through her incessantly. I can spend hours sitting and soaking in the vivid views.

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4. "Books are the windows through which the soul looks out." – George R.R.Martin

The sheer joy of holding a book and flipping its pages, transports me to another world and I sometimes wish I could be there forever. With a great passion to explore, learn and grow both reading and writing offer me a way to transcend on the path of personal growth

5. Animated movies are my kryptonite

Animated movies are my weakness. I can watch certain movies over and over and not get tired of them ever. Kung Fu Panda, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Only Yesterday, Spider-Man, Moana, Ratatouille, Despicable Me, Coco are just some of my favourites while the list is endless. The stories are magical and captivates me like a child leaving my heart filled with a beautiful spectrum of emotions.

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