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Self-awareness Assessment

Learn how self-aware you are and how well do you manage yourself in unforeseen situations

Self-awareness is the incredible ability which can help you develop better relationships, give you the power to influence outcomes, improve your ability to regulate your emotions and lead a happier and fulfilled life.

It is the ability which helps you recognize your own behaviour, identify your emotional patterns and help you better manage your emotional impulses in case they get triggered. It leads you towards developing an understanding of your core values thus helping you to make better decisions in life and develop better relationships.

This assessment will help you learn how self-aware you are and how effectively you are able to respond to situations. The scoring will tell you how well you understand your feelings and what are the areas that you need to work on.


Please respond to all the statements and rate each item on a scale of 1 – 5. Select the answer that best represents your feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

Choose how true each statement is for you.

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